Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am sure most of you that have read my blog before know that the Munchkin' Man has a severe allergy to peanuts. Since the awful day of finding this out, our lives have changed drastically. I have read many books. Searched the web and read tons of blogs. I also have been looking for products to help educate family members on this life threatening allergy. I came across the website Beyond A Peanut one day while doing a search. The first thing that caught my eye was the statement on the top of the website that was the description of what I have been looking for:

Resources to empower children with food allergies and teach those caring for them how to provide a safe environment

I contacted them and asked if they would like to sponsor a review for my blog. Dina sent over the Food Allergy Awareness Cards and Diggins Munchtime Placemats.

The Food Allergy Awareness Cards are FANTASTIC. They are a wonderful reference for anyone that has a child with a peanut allergy. The pack comes with 36 cards that provide tips and information on staying safe. Since the MM is not in school yet, I have used them to help educate family members on what is safe for him and what is not. The pictures and quick reference make the cards the most useful tool I have found so far. The cards are color coded letting you know which situations would be considered safe, pose the greatest risk, and what may be a potential risk. The cards are great for all ages. Even my 2 year old can look at the pictures and tell me if it is something that is safe or not safe.

When the MM goes to school, I will be sending the cards with him so that his teacher can help the other students understand allergies. If you have a child with a peanut allergy, I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Food Allergy Awareness Cards.

The cards are recommended for all individuals caring for your child with a nut allergy in:
your home
your extended family members
your neighbor's house
your day care provider
your school
your church or synagogue

I was also able to review the Diggins Munchtime Placemats. When ever we go out I have to make sure that the food the MM is going to eat is safe. We also have to make sure that we have something to entertain him while waiting for the food to come. The Diggins Placemats are super. They have wonderful pictures to color, counting games, and letter finds. We have used them at restaurants and I have also used them at home when we need a little "quiet time." I have also shared them with some friends and they love the activities that are on the placemats also!! I just fold a few and always keep them in our bag!

The website Beyond A Peanut is a great resource for peanut allergy facts as well as up to date information that has been in the news regarding allergies. Take a minute to check out their great products as well as the extremely useful information they have!!

Have you used the Food Allergy Awareness Cards? Please leave a comment to tell me how you used them :)

Thank you again for Beyond A Peanut for sponsoring this wonderful review.


Jane Anne said...

Hi! I found your blog through my google alert for "peanut allergy". My son has a peanut allergy and he is in Kindergarten this year. I shared the Awareness Cards with his Kindergarten Teacher before school started. They are wonderful. They are simple, informative, and easy to use. Great review (and great to "meet" you).


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