Monday, May 4, 2009

Recently, we found out the Munchkin' is allergic to peanuts!! It was not through routine allergy testing. We found out when he got hold of a peanut butter Whopper! One little Whopper led us to two shots of epinephrine, a ride in an ambulance and then a night stay at the hospital. We did have a suspicion that he was allergic, but for me I think I was in denial. Well, since that day, our lives have changed. We can not just go out to eat anywhere or at any ones house with out thinking ahead of time "Is it safe?". I personally have had a hard time adjusting to this! It is hard to think that something so small can take my son's life. Peanuts are in more things, not just food!

I am trying to be optimistic that in this day and age, there are so many resources that are there to help and guide us to have the Munchkin' lead a normal life! He already knows that he can not have peanuts and that we have to check boxes and ingredients. He may be small but he is becoming such a big boy!!

In September, I plan on putting a team together and to do the FAAA walk in Longbranch. I will post further details for anyone that wants to participate.

The awful pic of the Munchkin' Man is from his first peanut reaction. The last one we did not have any pictures and I am glad, I do not need a reminder of that whole day!!



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