Friday, September 4, 2009


So far on my blog, I have talked about the Munchkin' Man, showed pics and shared recipes. Today... I need to vent!

We are having a little trouble with the neighbor that is towards the back end of our property (we have almost an acre.) She told another person in the neighborhood that my husband is catching cats and either poisoning them or killing them in the shed!! WHAT!! We had another neighbor call and tell us that she had said this. This neighbor is upset that we put up a 6 foot fence on the property line. We had to cut a very old and dead tree down. She had to take her old chain link fence in order to so this. They were taking their time putting back up. They have a very large rottie that gets out and we caught her grandchildren playing on our playground. My husband had enough and put up the fence himself, just a larger more private one.

I am EXTREMELY disturbed at her comments. I do not want others in the neighborhood to think that is what type of person my husband is. He once caught a cat and asked everyone if it was their cat before taking it to a no-kill animal rescue. Now I am not sure what to do. Do I confront her? Do I let it blow over? What would you do??

If you have had any neighbor problems, please leave a comment on what you did!

Thank you for letting me vent... ahhhh... I feel better

**By the way- this is just a small part of the story- just gave the
One more thing- this is the neighbor that called me "Anti- Social" :)


@WaitingLisa said...

It sounds like she is just crazy. Don't worry about it. I am sure the other neighbors realize how she is. We are always having neighbor issues b'c the houses are very close together here so everyone is in everyone's business all the time. There are a couple crazy people on our street and we decided not to worry what they think of us.

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Start a log of what this neighbor does and says and the dates. Should she escalate things it will be good for you to have a record of her strange and inappropriate behavior.

Mommy is Green said...

Sometimes I think confronting a neighbor makes things worse. I guess it depends on the neighbor. This person may not be rational enough to talk to. There's nothing wrong with you putting up a tall fence. I know I would. And your husband was nice to ask around about the cat. Why the need to make up such a horrible lie about him?!

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

I like Holly's advice.

I was going to say that probably no one believes her (right)?

But it would be good to keep a record in case things get really CraYZEE!


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