Friday, September 18, 2009


The Munchkin' Man has been working on his fine muscle control. Although he is able to use and spoon and feed himself, he still needs to work on his hand eye coordination. I set up a spooning activity tray for him and he loved it.

I set up the tray with two bowls and a tablespoon. As you can see in the above picture, one bowl is empty and the other one is full of beans ( I mixed three different types of beans that will be sorted another day.) He then used the spoon to transfer the beans from one bowl to the other.

This activity is suited for many different age and skill levels. For children that are just leaning how to use a spoon, you can use large Lima beans. For the MM, the next time we work on spooning, we will move onto something smaller, like rice, and use a smaller spoon also.

He was so proud of himself and had to show everyone when they came over his new activity. Although we do not follow the Montessori approach everyday, I am still trying to work in activities such as this one!


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