Thursday, July 16, 2009


I started to use cloth diapers with my son a little late in the game. Since he was born I have been interested in trying them. I would go online and search for cloth diapers. There were so many choices that is made my head spin. Did I want to try prefolds with covers, All in Ones, pockets or a combination of both. Then there was the whole washing thing. I would have to get detergent that was ok for cloth diapers.

Overload...then I turned off the computer.

Unfortunately I did not know anyone that was using or even has used cloth diapers to help me out. The Munchkin' Man has super sensitive skin ans I had already switched to eco friendly sposies. They made the rash go away over night- that was a major red flag for me and the "stuff" that is the regular sposies. When the munchkin' was about 18 months I did the search again and decided to just go for it I decided to buy just a few to give it a try. I stumbled upon One of the wonderful things that Kelly's offers is their Diaper Dollars I bought three Bum Genius All in Ones in size large. I also decided to try two of the Fuzi Bunz seconds. Of course I also had to get detergent so I decided to try Charlie's.

I was so excited to get them in the mail. As soon as I finally made the first purchase I noticed a strange phenomena... I could not stop myself from searching and looking at all the cute cloth diapers out there. Then the package arrived!!! I read the directions on how to prep the diapers and could not wait. After they were dried we were ready to roll. I loved how they felt- so soft and cuddly not rough and not like paper. They looked so cute!

From there the addiction snow balled. I bought some Happy Heineys for the prints, bought some WAHM diapers off ebay. I was on a waiting list for the Gro Baby becuase I had to try it :)

My "stash" has grown so much from just those 3 diapers that I bought. When I started going on Twitter, I met some wonderful moms and tried their diapers- GADBaby and Smartipants. Although we are still on the journey it will be ending soon. He is almost 2 1/2 and I am getting very sad that I will have to pack up the diapers one day. That is actually funny to say that "I will miss diapers."


Kim (GADBaby Diapers) said...

I was the same way when my oldest potty trained- it made me really sad. I was pregnant with the Z man though, so that softened the blow a bit. LOL I love diapers so much!


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