Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First Cloth Diaper Review- SMARTIPANTS

Although I have only been using cloth diapers for the Munchkin' Man for less than a year, I have a nice "stash." My stash has been growing thanks to Twitter, the social networking site. On Monday there is a large group of moms that sit at the computer and chat about the wonderful world of cloth. During one of those chats, I met Jessica, the owner of Smartipants. I love getting to know new products from the owner of the company. I decided to check them out!As soon as I went to the website and read about them, I put an order in that night.

The slogan for Smartipants is "SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE DIAPER." The OS (one size) diaper system has:
1. Leak guard technology
2. Patentented Smart Sleeve
3. Soft waterproof outer fabric
4. Gentle stretch elastic
5. Adjustable Snaps
6. Ultra premium production

I was intrigued especially after reading about the Patented Smart Sleeve. If you have been using pocket diapers you know what it is like to have to reach into the pocket to take out the soiled insert(s)...YUCK. With the Smart Sleeve all you have to do is throw the whole diaper with the insert still in pocket into the wash. During washing the insert comes out and is as clean as can be when done. I have tested it many times and LOVE this feature!!!

I am new to snaps! For some reason I have a hard time getting them to fit right. I did not have a hard time with the snaps on the Smartipants. I also love the fact that for a OS, they are not huge on the small setting! I had a friend try one on her 2 month old to see how well it fits. It worked out great!

If you are thinking of trying a cloth diaper system, I would highly recommend Smartipants!!! As the website stated, they are "Committed to making cloth diapering not only easy but affordable." You can purchase a three pack of Smartipants , including three microfiber inserts for, only $36.95 (act fast though this price only lasts for 6 more days.) That is the best price I have paid for diapers that have such a wonderful quality!!!!

I know that if there is another baby in the future for our family, I will be purchasing more Smartipants cloth diapers


GwennS said...

Lovely review, well done! I too have smartipants and I heart them :)

Anonymous said...

I already wanted some Smartipants, and now it is like a hunger!

Slee said...

When snapdragon's smartipants first came in the mail, i was skeptical at first. i don't always heart suedecloth, and the insert seemed longer than the pocket, but nonetheless we tried it out, and it was 6 sweet hours of leak free goodness, followed by tossing into the diaper pail WITHOUT unstuffing. Heavenly!

Jennifer said...

I love my SmartiPants and your review was great! I agree with Slee, LOVE that I don't have to go after the insert! Wish I had more!!

Collins family said...

Good work! I loved my Smartipants and raved about them so much that it convinced my sister to start cloth diapering again full-time with her youngest and part-time with her middle child. My CD cousin also bought some for her son.


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