Monday, August 17, 2009


Tonight's dinner ended up being a stir fry all the different vegetables I found in the house. I think sometimes I can be more creative if I just start looking around to see what I have available in the house.
This is what I found:
* 1 yellow squash (it was a round one that I can not remember the name of)
* 1 onion
* 1 clove of garlic
* handful of purple beans
* couple stalks of celery
* 3 carrots
* 1 kohlrabi (to me it tastes like a mild radish)
All the vegetables are organic and most from the local farmer's market. I have really been enjoying going to the market each week to see what I can find. I will be very sad when the season is done!

I sauteed the vegetables in some oil until they started to get a little tender. I like to have a little crunch in my stir fry. I also added a can off bamboo shoots, baby corn, and water chestnuts. To add a little more flavor, I added a beef and broccoli spice mix.

When everything was cooked to my liking :) I served it over brown rice. Always remember if you are using brown rice to think ahead- it takes about 45 minutes to cook.


as said...

Great idea. I love stir-fry. Brown rice is also definitely worth it - as long I remember to start it soon enough!


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